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If you enjoy funny-to-the-bone tales from back-home, quick one-liners, vocal favorites from yesteryear, movies, Broadway, radio and TV; and a fellow playing lots of fun stuff on the 88's ... you'll love my  boy!   Margaret Elizabeth Hoss Clark -- Bill's mother. 1920 - 2012 :-(
• Chamber/Civic/Church Groups
• Senior Adult "Fun"ctions
• Conventions and Conferences
Bill Clark has been entertaining folks through music and humor since he was a teen. Today, while still active in business, he is devoting more and more of his time to what he loves doing best -- making that "music and laughter".
Years ago, Bill began noticing that humorous people seemed to live longer. George Burns and Bob Hope lived over 100 years. Milton Berle lived to 94; Victor Borge and Henny Youngman to 91. Seems laughter stimulates the immune system, relaxes muscles, relieves stress, and releases endorphins -- the body's natural pain killers.
Living to the age of  969 and 936 respectively, Bill concluded Methuselah and Adam must have spent a lot
of time listening to some old goat-herder singing
                old-favorites, and tellin'-tall-tales.
                                          Conclusion ... ??? 
        Have Bill entertain for your next event ... and live longer!
Bill's music comes from a lifetime of learning and performing. His humor from life and an often warped-sense-of-humor. Some from listening and research (theft!). :-)
With over 30 years in television/radio (WLBT/WJDX & WLIN), advertising and marketing, Bill is perhaps best remembered in Central Mississippi for his commercials-with-a-twist as spokesman for Brandon Furniture Company and his alter-ego ... Dr. Brandonne' Furnechur.
The combination of smooth vocals, humor, and candy-to-the-ear piano, is sure to please your group or organization.
                                           Call 601-750-2364 for available dates and rates.
                                                    Email at:
                                                                      Selectively available for background music only.

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